• ChloeTheRainbowStar

    Hi I am Chloe Luzon,The Gacha Fan and former YouTuber in Gacha!

    As you wondering about why am I former YouTuber?here I will tell you.Back at September 2019,I was started to make Gacha Videos,but the first one,I made a video called"...(Read Description)"In the first video,you will see that I was introduced myself in YouTube,and then a hater name"Jane the best"was trying to ruin my video,and then...this happened...she called me"B!+€£(Sorry no badwords)"and "Poor"so what happened I turned myself into a wolf,I scratched her with my long nail claws,her eyes was bleeding,she was blaming that I attack,I was yelling at her to not ruin my video,so she left,in the end,I was very mad at haters,so I show them if they want to attack them for hating.I sa…

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