CuteSpud is a Gachatuber who is well-known for his series "Fall inlove for the gangsters", "That One Mute Girl", and "A Girl in All Boy School". He is also known for his Gacha Life Mini Movie "Switched Bodies".

CuteSpud stopped uploading/disappeared around September 2018. There are a lot of theories that Gachatubers have as to why.

Some of these theories include a hacker, his phone being taken away, focus on schoolwork/homework, death, his possibly being in a coma, or moving on to cosplay.

His last video was "Cotton Candy Skies". Some Gachatubers believe the lyrics have something to do with his disappearance.

Some people have claimed to be CuteSpud, however, none have been confirmed to actually be CuteSpud.

Other than that, many Gachatubers really miss CuteSpud and hope he'll upload a new video one day.

Cutespud has decided he no longer was interested in gacha and is now a cosplayer.

Cutespud came out as transgender

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