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MebbyMebz is MellowSwirl, as MellowSwirl has deleted her "MellowSwirl" channel and created "MebbyMebz" and then created "MellowSwirl 2.0" to tell about MebbyMebz.


Well, her editing? Has surely improved at least a little bit.

A good edit example from MebbyMebz/MellowSwirl?

==The question that keeps being asked, "Hey, why did MellowSwirl become MebbyMeb she is good That is currently unknown at this time, but it might've been because of gacha haters, or because she was at a chance paranoid, But all we know is MellowSwirl misses her main channel, but she most likely switched for her reasons. Of course, she still loves and is connected to her old channel MellowSwirl, but it really is unknown why she became MebbyMebz.==

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